Front headlocks and more passing

We are going to look at using the snap down and front headlock as a Control position for no Gi tonight, both to set up takedowns, back takes and submission options.

We will the then continue working on passing the guard options for no Gi and look at ways to implement the front headlock concepts with passing.

The front headlock is a very strong control position for no Gi that helps to open up a lot of options and isn’t heavily dependent on having lots of physical attributes (being strong or fast).

It is a good solid ‘fundamental’ position.

Passing Continued…

We are continuing to work on passing this week.

Tonight we will work on drilling some of the fundamental movements involved in passing. It’s worth bearing in mind we define a fundamental as:

  1. Something everyone should know how to do.
  2. Something everyone, irrelevant of how they play Jiu-Jitsu or physical ability will do essentially the same way.
  3. Something everyone should do INSTINCTIVELY.

I think drilling is a useful way to ingrain these movements.

Focusing on ‘fundamentals’ rather than a specific ‘style’ is important as it allows for creativity, play and unique, individual game development.

Most fundamentals can be thought of as broad concepts. Using these it’s then important to explore the options and develop your own game.

We will then integrate these into positional training against increasing resistance.

Cross Grip Passing

We are continuing to look at passing concepts to help structure our guard passing games.

Tonight we are exploring options using the cross grip in the Gi to initiate passing. These passes are starting from outside, establishing the cross grip and then entering into some options to get past our opponents guard.

Again grips are hugely important for both the passer and the guard player to establish some control over their opponent and start to attack.

Get past our opponents legs.

Control our opponents hips.

Lock in the upper body and complete the pass.

Guard Passing and Grips

We are moving on to look at guard passing this week.

We will start by considering some important concepts for passing the guard. Concepts will help you come up with a game plan based on what works for you and not just make you rely on memorised sequences.

For guard passing (& most of JiuJitsu… having a plan is very important as it helps off set the ‘what do I do now’ moments. If you don’t have your goals and means to achieve them… you may get tied up and controlled in your opponents guard and find yourself just defending their sweep and submission attempts.

Grip fighting is very important in passing (especially in the Gi).

So we will start by looking at ways to defend and make grips to set up our attacks (passes).

See you on the mat.

Butterfly Guard

This week we are continuing to work on butterfly guard fundamentals.

We are focusing on control from butterfly and the basic sweeps off of the position.

Many of the drills and positions we are working on may seem repetitive but this is done intentionally so that we are not focusing on WHAT to do but developing the ability to hit the sweep reflexively AND to be able to get to the position to sweep from just about anywhere.

Saturday 31 – Phoenix BJJ Gathering

This Saturday is the Phoenix BJJ Summer Gathering.

This is a great chance to get together and train with team mates from the different Phoenix BJJ gyms and classes and to acknowledge any promotions that may be due.

We will be drilling and working on taking & attacking from the back mount for both Gi and no gi.

I hope to see you on Saturday!