#2 How often should I train…

The Optimum Number of Days a Week is How Many You’ll Do.

Don’t agonize over how many days a week you think you should train. Start with what you know you can do, and go from there.

If you can make it for sure 2 days a week, start with that and add one in once you’ve proven you can maintain two. My sweet spot to still lift and not feel totally train wrecked is 3 or 4 classes a week and maybe one extra roll, but everyone’s different. Some guys go more or less.

Consistency is key however and twice a week done regularly will yield better results than intense frequent periods followed by gaps due to injury or burn out.


Tips to improve your Jiu Jitsu in 2019…#1

I try to record most of my training in a journal-

My actual Jiu Jitsu training, conditioning and recovery work.

I find it helps gauge what is working and what isn’t.

Am I am training with focus or just going through the motions.

The following are ideas and approaches I have found useful.

Don’t Rush. This journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

You are going to spend a lot of time training, so don’t feel like you have to retain everything BUT…

Make A List. Have a goal with your training, and achieve it by making a list of things you need to be working on or drilling more. It will give you some focus and make you feel less like drowning in a vast ocean of information.

Move of the Week. Allow yourself some fun with a “move of the week” from YouTube or wherever. Try to hit it during all your rolls, if possible, and if you haven’t quite gotten it down, make it a move of the month. This keeps things enjoyable and gives you sort of a game to play as you improve.

Wisdom and Advice

Chess Grandmaster-Maurice Ashley

  • Go online and watch matches on video.
  • More instructional content than ever is available-make use of it and study the game.
  • Practice!
  • Play as much as possible.
  • Don’t only play people you can beat.
  • Experiment. You have to be prepared to lose! Or you won’t improve!

Chess is life. It is a discipline disguised as a game.

Maurice Ashley -Grandmaster.

This is solid advice for Jiu Jitsu or any other skill you may be trying to improve!

Open Guard

We are working on connecting some of the more commonly used open guards together, looking at them as forms of control, options in terms of sweeping and attacking from them and moving between them to prevent the pass and get to a favoured position to control and attack from.

This is the drill we are using to practice moving between the positions- we have touched on spider, leg lasso and on Friday will look at De La Riva.

See you on the mat!

Well Done Carl!

Carl from Bournemouth Phoenix took silver this weekend at the Cheltenham Open.

Carl is one of the beginners coaches at Bournemouth Phoenix and apart from being a great and patient coach is a good training partner and regular competitor who regularly medals while balancing a busy full time job and family.

Well done Carl! Excellent result!