Southampton Visit

Thanks to our teammates for some good training last night.

Always good to see everyone and how much you are all improving.


Guard Passing

We are moving on to working on guard passing. This makes up a BIG part of the overall skill set for Jiu-jitsu as up to 80% of grappling involves playing or passing some form of guard.

As part of your game plan design it is important to develop a couple of fundamental passes to plug into your game and work on applying them to various types of guards you may face. Try and have a couple of loose quick style passes (think bull fight, hip and knee pin) and also some pressure/ smash pass options.

We will look at some options and concepts for these over the next few weeks.

Monday Night Training

We are almost 3 months through 2018! Don’t wait or listen to the reasons (excuses!) not to train, show up to class, set some goals and we can all work towards hitting them this year!

Great start to the week- Monday night Gi Phoenix Bournemouth.