Jimmy takes double gold in Russia!

Congratulations to Jimmy who took Gold at weight AND absolute today in Russia!!!



Saturday 31 – Phoenix BJJ Gathering

This Saturday is the Phoenix BJJ Summer Gathering.

This is a great chance to get together and train with team mates from the different Phoenix BJJ gyms and classes and to acknowledge any promotions that may be due.

We will be drilling and working on taking & attacking from the back mount for both Gi and no gi.

I hope to see you on Saturday!


“Sometimes, it’s best to use blinding speed, and go with your instincts to make it through whatever it is that’s holding you back.

Rely on gut and muscle memory.

At others, slow relentless pressure like a waterfall beating its way through a stone is the appropriate method.

Wisdom comes with knowing which one is needed, and when.”

BJJ Journal

Do you keep a training diary/journal/notebook?

I have found for me it has been an incredibly useful way to help keep my training focused.

I keep one where I make notes on techniques I am going to be working on or techniques I am learning and trying to remember.

I keep another training journal where I record my rolling, what I am currently working on, did I manage to hit those techniques in training and what felt good or if there are any issues I feel I need to address.

Finally I keep a drilling journal, what am I drilling at the moment, how much time or how many reps have I put into drilling these. This final one acts like a lifting journal where you record your workouts and weight used in that I use it to keep myself accountable and monitor if I am doing what I think needs to be done.

Jiu-Jitsu for everyone?

“Jiu Jitsu is for everyone” is a popular slogan and sentiment at the moment used to market Jiu Jitsu.

I disagree. It’s not.

It’s for those who are disciplined enough to devote time and energy toward bettering themselves, mentally and physically. 
It’s for those who can be responsible enough to make sure their gi is washed and in the car, and that you packed your belt as well. 
It’s for people who can get choked unconscious, and keep coming back.

It’s for people who wake up sore and look for ways to squeeze a little more mileage out of their bodies.

It’s for people who understand that winning the little battles can eventually win a war.

If it was for everyone, guys like Jordan Peterson wouldnt be making millions telling people to make their beds.

If it’s for you, don’t tell everyone about it or post endless pictures of yourself in your Gi making weird hand gestures.

Just go fucking train.

Southampton Open 2019

Congratulations to all our teammates who competed today at the Southampton Open.

There were almost 500 registered with 78 Phoenix members and 125 represented Warwolf in total.

Warwolf took first place Team.

Win or lose congratulations to all who participated and did their best. Make a note of what worked for you today AND more importantly what didn’t, then back to it on Monday!

Congratulations to Jimmy, Sarah, Big Jon and everyone who helped make today such a success.


Most of our training sessions will start with Grip Fighting after brief warm up and I was recently asked why? The person asking expressed they understood it’s value for stand up (& in an art like Judo which emphasises throws) but why in Jiu-Jitsu?

This is a good question and one I have increasingly thought about in my own training too.

I believe everything that we do starts with the grips. The initial grips (both on our feet and on the ground) are what allow us a certain measure of control of our opponent, allows us to set up our attacks and more effectively defend and shut down our opponents attacks and options.

This is like an opening move in chess…

Think of a technique you are working on, be it a sweep, pass or takedown. All start with a specific grip on our opponent and or their Gi. Our ability to establish that grip, maintain it and then effectively use it are largely instrumental in our success with the technique.

The reverse is true, when our opponents are looking to use a certain technique or establish a control on us they need to establish grips on us to do so. Here the better we understand this the more effectively we can prevent or defend their grips while establishing our own.

When next working on your grip fighting in class try to avoid just going through the motions but actively focus on WHAT grips you want and go about looking to establish them, while at the same time preventing your opponents grip attempts.

A good start is think about:

1) What grips do I want when on my feet? What takedown/s or Guard pull am I looking for?

2) When on top, how are you looking to pass? What grips do you need to do so? Be aware your partner playing guard will be attempting to establish grips on you to effectively establish his guard and control you. You don’t need to be familiar with every type of guard just focus on preventing the grips he is looking for and get yours.

3) If you are playing guard, what grips do you need to control your opponent and then set up your sweeps and submissions?

Be aggressive and work for your grips (both on your feet and the mat)!

Don’t accept your partners grip attempts, defend them early and keep working to establish yours and then start to implement your game and attack!

In a future post I will explore some of these ideas in more detail if that’s useful.